Welcome to a haven of complete relaxation and enjoy our 3 kinds of saunas:  

sauna sucha


Dry sauna improves efficiency and blood circulation, cleanses the body of excess toxins and clears the mind.
The level of humidity is between 5-10% with temperature between 70-100ºC.
The skin warms quickly and releases the sweat. Low humidity has little or no effect on the respiratory system. Regular visits help improve overall efficiency and blood circulation.
Dry sauna also helps cleanse the body of toxins and offers deep relaxation.

sauna mokra


Wet sauna has a beneficial effect on skin and blood circulation.
The level of humidity is below 40% with temperature about 70ºC, providing optimum conditions for relaxation. Sauna users may lower the temperature and also generate steam by splashing water over the hot rocks. This type of sauna is tolerable to the majority of individuals.
You can enter the sauna while being wet, but not directly after a great physical effort, big meal or after using stimulants.

sauna infrared


Infrared sauna is recommended for guests that cannot benefit from classic sauna
This type of sauna is perfect for all guest who cannot enjoy the classical sauna. It Is much safer and more tolerable for individuals who don’t like high humidity.
An infrared sauna doesn’t heat the air around you. Instead, it uses infrared lamps) to warm your body directly. Sessions last 30 minutes and start at full hours.

strefa relaksu


relaxation, tranquility and regeneration
All guests seeking respite and relaxation are welcomed in our wellness zone with comfortable loungers at your fingertips and relaxation music in the background. Take a break from everyday hustle and just relax.

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